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My Mom has been going through some old pictures lately and sent me a few that I had to post. The first two are from 1955 when she was less than a year old, then you have the picture from her 25th class reunion, which one of my all–time favorites. Finally there is a picture of my parents in Las Vegas on July 9th, 1979. They were on vacation with friends and went to see the comedian Buddy Hackett that night. They sat in the front row and were picked on by Buddy for the entire show. He threw every old man young girl joke he could think of at them and they just had to sit there and take it. I had never seen this picture before today and I love it.

My Mom is getting ready to make a trip out here next week and deliver her Honda Accord to us. We’re going to borrow it for a few years while I’m in school. I haven’t had a car since we left Seattle so I’m really excited, and I have to thank my Mom for doing so much work on the car to get it in excellent shape before bringing it. I keep trying to get her to let us handle the repairs but she won’t budge. She is so good to us. I can’t describe how much I appreciate everything she does for us. Love you Mom!

Mom at 3 months old
My Mom at 3 months old. I definitely see some Ava in there.

Mom as a baby with Nana
Mom as a baby with Nana.

Mom at her 25th Class Reunion
Mom at her 25th Class Reunion. Beautiful!

Mom and Dad in Vegas - July 9, 1979
My parents in Vegas – July 9, 1979

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