Our nursery looks amazing!

I can barely express how thankful Jessica and I are for the help and work done by Amy and Tom over the past two weeks. They have completely transformed our entire house, and made our guest bedroom into the perfect nursery. They painted the room, setup the crib, added a beautiful rug, hung curtains, added shelves, and got us a nice fouton that functions as a sofa and a bed. It’s hard to believe it’s the same room! I will definitely be adding photos of all their hard work asap. Last night the four of us went out to an amazing dinner at Trulucks, which is our favorite restaurant in San Diego. It’s hard to believe that our little Ava is only two months away from her due date. Having the nursery all setup is a major achievement and makes it all seem that much more real. We’re officially on the home stretch!

Dinner with Amy and Tom at Trulucks in La Jolla

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