New Web Apps

In an effort to keep growing my web development skill set, I’ve been working on creating simple JavaScript–based web applications. They’re just fun little projects that I like to work on in my free time, and they always end up teaching me something new during the development process. Between last night and this morning I built something I’m calling ‘Pellegrini Weather’, which is a basic version of a weather app on a phone. You input your zip code and it gives you the city and state name, current weather conditions, and an icon that is appropriate for those conditions. It’s available at:

I also recently did something I’m calling jsAlarm, which is a simple alarm clock programmed in JavaScript. It has the basic necessary functions to set and stop the alarm, plus I added a snooze button. For presentation purposes the snooze only lasts 5 seconds but I could easily set it to any time I wanted. That one is available at: I may eventually showcase these on my portfolio but for now its just a nerdy little hobby.

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