Make more room for baby

We’ve jumped right back into our regular routine since Grandma and Grandpa left. Ava has continued to ask about them on almost a daily basis, she even goes so far as to look for them in the house. I assume from this and the fact that I know my mom spoils her and loves to take her out on new adventures, that they had a great, memorable time. It felt amazing to get away for a few days, just Michael and I. We needed a little recharging and some fun, carefree nights out.

HUGE thank you to my Mom and Tom for all of your help.

Just days after Grandma and Grandpa left, and days before her nine month mark, little Elise decided that she was ready to officially start crawling. It’s been a fun adjustment for all of us since. It’s back to baby gates on the stairs, which often upsets Ava. Pack n Plays set up in the living room, which often upsets Elise and through it all poor Bella has been shuffled off to the side to make more room for baby. We’ve had a recent increase in talks about sharing toys, and playing nicely together. Thankfully, Elise doesn’t appear to be as daring as Ava was at this age. It is a quality that I love so much in Ava, but I’m not sure that two daring, over energetic, little girls would have the same affect. Instead, Elise is like a little zen buddha. People comment, time and time again, at how happy and mellow she is. She’s easily the happiest one in the family. Her personalty is coming out more every day and it’s a lot of fun getting to know her better.

I have been working a lot more this week and last because it’s Seattle Restaurant Week and Michael is back in school for his final stretch. I’m not sure how, but we have managed to find time for some really great day adventures. This past Sunday, we all loaded up in the car to get out and enjoy the beautiful day. Initially we were in search of a spot to visit the ducks. Michael had an idea to visit one of his favorite childhood spots but unfortunately it is now a soccer complex. After a few failed attempts at finding a good place to stop we stumbled upon a botanical gardens in the Tukwila area. What a great random find. It was a perfect place to get out for a walk and explore some small ponds, flowers, bridges and waterfalls. Ava loved every minute of it but kept searching for ducks the whole time. She can not get enough of ducks lately. We don’t even feed them, because it’s illegal everywhere. She just loves to talk to them and toss pebbles in the water.

After the botanical gardens we decided to head to the beach since we were already so close to Lake Washington. We drove to Gene Coulon Park and hit the sand. Ava literally took off running as soon as we unbuckled her seat. I had to chase after her just to stop her from running right into the lake. Ultimately it was a great decision to stop here. The weather was absolutely perfect and we all had a great time playing in the sand and walking on the docks. After more than enough time in the sun we headed home and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

The amazing weather stuck around another day, so on Monday morning I called up a girlfriend and arranged a little adventure for the day. We packed up the Durango, two baby girls, one toddler and two Moms and headed to the annual Tulip Festival. It was a bit more driving than I had expected but we all had a great time walking along the flower fields, picnicking, meeting farm animals, and kite watching. It was a great spring afternoon and I’m so glad that we got out and enjoyed it because the rest of this week has been nothing but rain. Ugh, it is not easy keeping a nature obsessed toddler happy during consecutive days of rain.

Still not sure what we are going to do this weekend for Easter. I think we will most likely hold out to see what the weather does and decide what we feel like on the spot.

Here are some updated pictures of everyone. Sorry for the delay in posting them.

Elise 9 months
Elise at 9 months

Ava playing in the front yard

Crawling around Gene Coulon Park

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