Just got a new job!

The day before yesterday I interviewed for a position as an application developer with a company in La Jolla called ScrollMotion. I was originally contacted by a vice president of ScrollMotion on Friday of last week after she found my resume online and felt that I would be a good fit for their company. She explained that they were a three year old company with an office in Manhattan and another in La Jolla, who build mobile applications for the iPad and iPhone. In their short existence, ScrollMotion has built the official Superbowl application for the iPhone and iPad for the last three years, plus built numerous applications for companies like GE, Esquire Magazine and the Oprah Winfrey Magazine. Just last week they signed a deal to build applications for Nike as well.

It’s a small company with only about 150 employees between the two offices, but they are expanding rapidly and expect to employ about 400 people within the next year. As mentioned, I interviewed on Monday afternoon with one of their project managers and it went perfectly. I left the interview feeling that it couldn’t have gone any better and that I would be shocked if I didn’t at least get called back for a second interview. As it turns out, a second interview wasn’t needed. I was called today by the same vice president that I spoke with last week and she extended me an offer to join their team for a 90 day contract. She said that they have every intention of making me a full–time salaried employee after my contract is up, but that they would prefer to start me on a contract basis in order to get me up and running immediately. As long as I like the company and they are happy with me, I’ll be full–time when my contract is up.

This is exactly the kind of company that I was hoping to find and it’s only two or three blocks from Jessica’s work, which is perfect. I can’t wait to get started on Monday morning! More updates coming soon.

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