Happy Valentines Day

Last night Jessica and I took Ava to the drive–in for a double feature. We never used to go to the drive–in before moving to San Diego but have been quite a few times since. It’s always fun to load up the car with snacks and hang out there for the night, but last night was definitely the most disappointing pair of movies we’ve seen yet. We saw ‘Safe House’ with Denzell Washington and Ryan Reynolds, followed by ‘Contraband’ with Mark Wahlberg. Both movies looked good based on their previews, but both were a disappointment. Neither of us are very tough when it comes to movie critique, but both movies seemed very cookie cutter and predictable. We agreed on the way home that we wouldn’t be interested in seeing either film again and wouldn’t recommend them for anyone else to see. Oh well. It was still a fun way to spend a Saturday night, especially since Ava had never been before. It won’t be long before we’re taking her to see kid movies…

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