Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today we celebrate Jessica’s birthday! Unfortunately she has to work lunch but will be home around 6:00pm. Once she gets home the three of us are heading over to Evan and Natasha’s place for a BBQ by the pool. We might be swimming or getting in the hot tub depending on how many people are there and how warm it still is. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day today; it’s absolutely perfect out. We started off the morning by opening her presents from Ava and I – mainly a pair of tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers this September. She had mentioned wanting tickets a few times but I don’t think she expected me to get them. It’s at the Sports Arena, where we saw Eric Clapton last year. We’ve got nice floor seats that are very similar to where we sat last time. We also got her the new album by the Chili Peppers so she can get to know it before the show.

After presents we took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. Ava seemed to enjoy the ride in her stroller and stayed awake the whole time. Once we got back I ran to Costco to grab a few things while Jessica got ready for work. I always talk about how every time I go to Costco I end up buying something that I hadn’t planned on. Last time it was an avocado tree, and this time it was a tv for our bedroom. I got a 32″ Vizio HDTV for $275. I can’t believe how cheap they are now! It’s not a big tv but it’s perfect for the bedroom. Once I got home I made an Italian sausage and baby portabella scramble with roasted fingerling potatoes for the two of us. As always I made too much so the dogs got a nice treat for Mom’s birthday.

Tomorrow morning we’re going to a live bluegrass brunch at a little place in North Park. We’ve never been before but have heard good things. Should be a fun way to spend the morning. Not sure what the plan is for the rest of the day but I’m sure it will be fun and relaxing. I also have the exciting news (at least for me) that I joined a new martial arts school yesterday – the Gracie academy in La Jolla. I first saw it on Wednesday when walking to the office. As it turns out the place is only about 4 blocks from my office and they teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the Gracie way. The Gracie family invented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the 1920’s and have honed it into the single most effective form of self defense in the world. My friend Jaime at work decided to come with me yesterday for a free ten day trial and we had our first lesson. Both of us loved it and plan on signing up as soon as the trial ends. The people at the school are really great and I’m excited to have the opportunity to study there. I’m already very busy in my day to day life but I think this will be nothing but good for me in many ways. To see more about the school, visit: www.graciejiu-jitsulajolla.com

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