Happy 3rd Birthday Elise!

Today our sweet little Elise turns 3 years old! Since her party isn’t until the day after tomorrow, and I know I’ll be writing a post about it shortly thereafter, I promise to keep this short and sweet. I just want her to know how much Mommy, Daddy, Ava, and Enzo love her. As Jessica and I often say, she’s our little Peanuts character; she’s always got something either smeared on her face or tangled in her hair (or both), she’s usually wearing her shoes backwards, and she’s always dragging Pippo around everywhere. It’s pretty hilarious.

These days Elise’s favorite characters are Arlo (The Good Dinosaur), and a dog named Chase from Paw Patrol. She loves bread enough to make any Italian proud, and she looks up to her sister Ava like you wouldn’t believe. On Grandpa Rick’s recent visit he commented on how much she has grown and matured since he last saw her in January. She still says she’s going to play the drums once she and Ava form their band, but for now she’s content with ponies, trains, and dolls.

Elise frequently says to me “I love you Daddy, you’re my best Daddy.” She’s so sweet and loving with everybody and already knows how to make others feel good. Her favorite color is orange, and her favorite animals are tigers and kitty cats. Like Ava, Elise can haul ass up and down our street on her scooter, which kinda freaks Jessica and I out, but to attempt to stop them may as well be futile. Ava frequently likes to say to me “Daddy I love you around the volcano” and then Elise always follows with “Daddy I love you around the rock climber”. Although I’m not exactly sure what to make of that, I’ll stay in that same vain and simply say: Elise I love you around the volcano being climbed by a rock climber, over the moon, around the sun, and back. Looking forward to celebrating your birthday this weekend.

Elise roller skating

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