Baseball games & Maternity photos

Last night Jessica and I went to the Padres game. The Cubs were in town for the final series of the season, and since they’re Jessica’s favorite team, we decided to go see them play. Jessica’s work has season tickets and they were nice enough to set us up for the game. We ended up sitting in the fourth row right behind the home dugout. It was the closest I’ve ever sat at a ball game and we had a great time.

Today I had a job interview in the morning and then went to meet up with Jessica and her Mom for some maternity photos in Balboa Park. Honestly this isn’t something that I’ve been very excited about being a part of, but did it because she wanted me to. I look forward to family photos once Ava is born, but didn’t feel like I really belonged in maternity photos. Either way it wasn’t all that bad and it looks like we got some nice shots.

Fun at the baseball game

The San Diego Chicken

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