Ava’s second week

Today was Ava’s official due date, but instead we’ve had the last 11 days with her. Honestly it feels like much longer and we can’t imagine life without her. Friday was the one week anniversary of her birth and so far she’s been perfect. She sleeps up to 5 uninterupted hours per night, which is very uncommon for babies her age. Friday night my Mom was able to come and see her for the first time but didn’t get to stay long because of work. Luckily she’ll be staying with us next week for a few days and will get some much needed quality time with Ava.

Jessica is doing really well and has recovered nicely from the delivery. Having her Mom here with us has been such a big help… We’re not looking forward to her leaving on the 15th. The dogs seem to have adjusted nicely to having a baby in the house and have even surprised Jessica at how well they’re doing. Guess that’s all for now, besides the new pics. Please enjoy!

Ava at 24 hours old – still in the hospital

Grandma Amy and Ava

My Mom holding Ava for the first time

Jessica, Ava, Mom, and me

Family pic from the hospital when she was 24 hours old

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