Ava turns 7 months old

Today our little girl turned 7 months old and celebrated by doing a photo shoot with Mom, then visiting me at the office and going to Jiu–Jitsu class for an hour afterwards. As usual she was well behaved and had fun seeing everybody. Everyone is telling me that baby number two won’t be as well behaved as number one but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. All I know is we lucked out big time in the baby department.

I spent this weekend finishing my final projects for my computer programming and computer security classes and am now off for two weeks. This break from school is much needed. I’ll still be doing some programming stuff but not on anyone’s time schedule but my own. I’m going up to the original Gracie Academy in Torrance on Saturday morning with my friends Jaime and Donnie from work. The three of us have created our own little Jiu–Jitsu crew and go to a lot of classes together. We’ll be taking a class with some Gracie family members and hopefully going to get a little time to talk to them and take a couple pics. There is also a chance that Ava will be doing a photo shoot this Sunday. One of my co–workers is a photographer and she asked me if she could do a photoshoot of Ava to help build her portfolio. Jessica and I both thought it would be fun so we said yes.

Jessica is doing well with her graphic design studies and has been making a lot of progress. She’s creating new designs from scratch now and learning to use new software programs like Adobe Illustrator. It’s fun to see her taking this on. She’s also getting back into yoga and going to a class tomorrow night. In a nutshell, all is well as we begin Ava’s first summer in San Diego. Enjoy the latest pics.

This is instantly one of my all–time favorite photos.

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