A relaxing weekend at home

Jessica and I both had busy weeks this week so now we’re enjoying a nice relaxing weekend at home. At this point I think she’s got it down watching two babies all day but it can still be challenging at times. I had a pretty crazy week at work, which I’m sure will resume tomorrow morning, but it’s all good. Although the novelty of my new job has worn off, I still enjoy the work and the people on my team very much. Having Garth, my web development mentor, join my team and become my direct co–worker a couple weeks ago is going to be very beneficial for my career. I’m already learning lots of new things just from being able to spend everyday with him.

Next weekend is going to be the opposite of this one, meaning that I have a lot going on. Saturday my Uncle Jim and I are going to the shooting range to fire a few different hand guns, then we’re going to have lunch at Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant. It’s about time I finally eat there considering I built their website a while back. Sunday night I’m taking my good friend Sean Beavers to the Sounders game for his birthday. The timing worked out perfect because Sean is taking a few weeks off work and there’s a home game that Sunday night. I’ve already got my Sounders jersey and am getting really excited. The only soccer game I’ve ever been to, other than ones that I played in as a little kid, was back in High School. I’ve certainly never seen professional soccer in person so it should be a great night.

Our little girls are both doing really well. I hate to compare Elise to Ava all the time but I’ve never spent much time around babies before having my own, so Ava is all I have to compare her to. Elise turned a month old this week and is doing great. She had a checkup with her doctor on Thursday and everything looked good. She’s definitely a bit more needy than Ava was at this age. By that all I mean is that she likes to be held all the time. She’ll be crying about something, then as soon as you pick her up everything is fine. I don’t remember Ava being that way as a newborn, although she’s a bit more like that now.

Elise is still officially the loudest baby I’ve ever seen/heard. She’s sleeping better at night, but she grunts a lot and makes funny noises. She’s definitely got a big appetite just like Ava, and she’s spending more time awake everyday. I think her vision is starting to improve because she stares at me now and seems to react a little when I change expressions. I haven’t figured out how to calm her down as easily as I did with Ava. For some reason I’ve always been able to soothe Ava and get her to stop crying easily, but that hasn’t been the case so far with Elise. I’m sure that will all change once she gets a little bigger, but for now there are plenty of times where the only thing that will calm her down is eating, or pretending to eat even when there is nothing left.

Jessica is doing really well in terms of recovery and is almost back to her normal self. We’ve been going on long walks again and she’s getting a little exercise in at home. We’re hoping to start exercising more frequently here pretty soon, it’s just always tough to find time. Generally I come home from work and have to jump right into homework, then make dinner. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise or fun activities but that will all change when I finish in June.

Speaking of school, everything is still going smoothly. The second half of the summer quarter starts today so I have two new classes to focus on. I like how they split the quarters up in half, meaning that you only have to focus on two classes at a time, but at an accelerated pace. I got A’s in both classes during the first half of the quarter so hopefully that will continue on.

The end of summer is just around the corner and we’re honestly not ready for it. Ava is determined to go outside and play everyday and Jessica isn’t sure what she’s going to do once the rainy weather arrives. I guess that’s something the girls are just going to have to get used to growing up in the Pacific Northwest. When the weather is good here, it’s really good, and it never gets very cold or snowy, but we get more than our fair share of rain. It’s times like these where you can’t help but miss San Diego, but that’s okay. We love it here and are so glad to have moved back. I think Rick and Chris’ visit for Labor Day weekend will mark the end of our summer, but that mean’s that football is starting, so I’m good with that.

The girls have a fun week to look forward to, including visits with friends and possibly a trip to the zoo. Jessica is working on getting all of Elise’s nursery letters together. Hopefully we can put them up soon. I haven’t had to travel for work in a while and love being home all the time. Time to make breakfast and get started on some homework!

Elise's nursery letters

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