We’ve been busy!

Wow,  it’s hard to even know where to start. The past two weeks have been really busy for all of us here at the Pellegrini house. I’ll focus on some of the high lights.

Two weekends ago we took Ava to the zoo for her first time. It was a very typical Sunday in Seattle, sightly over cast and drizzling on and off all day. We didn’t let it stop us, we just layered up and headed out for a fun family afternoon. Ava seemed to really enjoy the whole experience. She tried to learn many of the names of the animals we saw and laughed and clapped the whole afternoon. I think that her most enthusiastic response was to the giraffes, her eyes lit up and she kept pointing and saying “ooh”.  On our way out of the park we decided to upgrade to a yearly membership so that I can bring the girls back as many times as we want this summer.

The rest of the next week was pretty routine then on Friday, Michael and I left Ava at home with my mom and we headed off on a three day weekend to Vancouver, BC to celebrate my 33rd birthday. I think I have a crush on Vancouver. It is such a cool city. I have visited a handful of times before but this was the first time Michael and I went together. We literally walked all over the city, we estimated that in 3 days we probably walked about 12 miles. On Friday we drove up and down West 4th, North Vancouver and took a quick driving tour of the University of BC. After that we checked into the hotel and headed out to Stanley Park for a few hours. That evening we had dinner at a cute, little modern Italian restaurant called Lupo and did a little bar hopping.

Saturday was spent shopping in the morning, an afternoon movie, UFC 159 that evening and another great dinner at a Gotham Steakhouse. Sunday we slept in a bit and then went out to a local hotspot for brunch. We went back to Stanley Park for one more look and the city and a little fresh air before we started the drive home. It was a great birthday weekend, lots of great eating (we love to eat) a little shopping, people watching, bar hopping, and lots and lots of walking about the city.  We spent most of the drive home talking about all the things we want to see and do on our next trip up.

This week I am planning on getting as much done on Elise’s nursery as possible while I have my Mom here to help. We are in the final stretch, the third trimester, and have  about 10 weeks (if she’s on time) to go!

Dinner at Lupo

Hanging out at Stanley Park

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