Welcome back Grandma

Grandma Amy came into town on Friday night to stay with us for a few weeks and help with the new baby. Yesterday she and Jessica got a bunch of work done on Elise’s bedroom, and today they’re out visiting with Laurel while Ava and I spend the day at home. This is probably the last day that just Ava and I will have together for a while so we’re having lots of fun. I’m actually writing this from our front yard while Ava runs around climbing on stuff and collecting rocks.

Thursday we celebrated the 4th of July by going to the festivities in downtown Issaquah. There was a small parade, playground, pony rides, slug races, slides, and lots of food. Ava seemed to enjoy watching the parade, then we ran around the playground for a bit and went down the slide together a few times. She wanted to keep walking when we were leaving and ended up walking at least a quarter of a mile back to the car. I was impressed that she could go that far without stopping.

We got a chance to say hi to Dana on the phone Thursday afternoon and wish her a happy birthday. She and Brad were doing their annual trip to Leavenworth and were having a great time as always. That night we were able to watch two separate fireworks shows going on over Lake Sammamish from our front yard. It was a surprisingly good view from where we stood, but maybe next year we’ll have to get up on the roof to be able to see the whole show.

School officially started back up today. Having the last two weeks off school has been really nice but I’m happy to be back in. It’s mostly all programming work now and that’s what I like doing best. We were hoping Elise would arrive during my break from school but no such luck. I always do my homework early so I’m not too worried about turning in late work when she does decide to make her appearance. We’re totally ready and waiting at this point so hopefully it will be this week. The sooner the better as far as Jessica is concerned.

I don’t have to worry about any work travel for now so that’s nice, especially considering its Summer. Its been pretty hot here lately, including a couple days in the 90’s, but then I talk to my Mom and hear its been 115 in Vegas. Kinda puts things in perspective. I’m just glad we still have our portable air conditioner. Moving it from room to room isn’t very fun but Jess would be dying without it. I’m pretty buried with work right now but I’m probably only taking 3 days off when Elise is born so I won’t get too far behind. With any luck this will be the last post before Elise arrives.

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