The big three–one

Today is my 31st birthday. Obviously 31 isn’t any sort of big birthday but it’s exciting for me because it’s the last birthday I’ll have before my first child is born. Since it’s a Saturday and we both work in the restaurant business we decided it would be silly for both of us to take the night off to celebrate, so we’re just going to celebrate on Tuesday instead. The plan is to head up to Beacon’s Beach at Leucadia State Park for the day and hang with friends, surf, boogie board, etc. I think the craziest thing about being 31 is that it’s been a full decade since my 21st birthday. While working at the Tractor Room last night the whole staff decided to sing “Happy Birthday” to me at midnight, which was equal parts cool and embarassing. Hopefully we’ll have some good pics to post to the site after Tuesday. Also keep an eye out for a whole new family website. I’ve been working on a redesign that’s coming along really well…

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