Thank you Nana

My mom made it out with the Honda on Friday evening and was able to spend all day Saturday with Ava and I. Unfortunately Jessica had to work a double on Saturday and Sunday, so she didn’t get to visit much with her, but it was great having her out for a quick visit. The car she brought us is running great and we’re so appreciative of it. There’s no question that it will last us throughout my time at school and beyond. We didn’t do anything for Easter this year but it was nice for me to have a relaxing day at home with Ava. We did some house chores, washed the Durango, and watched the final round of the Master’s. My new quarter at school also began yesterday and it looks like things are going to start getting a little harder. I’m taking Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Programming Logic for the first half of the quarter, then Introduction to Computer Security and Programming 1 in the second half. The programming class is all review but it’s a topic I love so it should be fun. I haven’t taken a math class in about a decade so it will be challenging, but it should be interesting because this type of math directly relates to computer science. All else is going great, just staying super busy. Thanks again to my mom, our new Nana, for all she does.

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