Thank you Grandpa!

Rick left town today after a very busy and incredibly helpful weekend. He literally worked the entire time he was here. I can’t even begin to list all of the improvements he made to our house but I can say that the place looks outstanding and we are so appreciative. Our garage is amazing and we have the coolest headboard I’ve ever seen. I told Jessica we should plan on staying here for a quite a while. Unfortunately there was a connection issue on his flight home today and we just found out he will be spending the night at O’Hare in Chicago. Such a bummer after a long weekend. Hopefully he can take tomorrow off and get some rest. As always, we really enjoyed having him here and look forward to the next visit. Someday we’ll have to bring Ava to Iowa so he can "show her the cows and the cornfields." Here are a few photos from his visit.

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