Take me out to the Ballgame

Yesterday we got a babysitter for the girls and Michael used a vacation day so the two of us could spend an afternoon with the Mariners at Safeco Field.

It was a 12:40 game against the Tampa Rays. We asked the sitter to come over a little early and we headed to an outdoor beer garden for a drink before the game. It was an absolutely picture perfect day. The skies were clear, blue and a delightful sunny 70ish degrees. We had been planning to catch the game for several weeks now regardless of weather but this just made things that much sweeter. I will admit that I am sitting here writing this the next day with an actual sunburn. I can’t remember the last time the NW sun got me that good.

We started the game off hanging out over the bullpen in the sun for the first inning. Then we headed up to our seats in the 300 level for a bit in the shade. Our actual seats were one of the only areas of the park that was filled with fans so we didn’t stay there long. We got hungry and decided to grab some garlic fires and experience the bleechers for the first time. This is likely the reason for my sunburn; we spent a few innings in the now hot sun and then finished the game off in handicap seating in left field. It was fun to hop around the stadium a bit since neither of us had been to a Mariners game in several years and this was our first game together at Safeco.

The Mariners got defeated 2-0 but we stayed to watch the whole thing and enjoyed every minute of it. It was an awesome way to break up our week and to take a little break from everything involved with the new house and move. I’d like to think that we’ll get the chance to see another game this summer but who knows. If not this year then definitely next year when the girls will be old enough to go too.

We are already busy packing up the house and preparing for the move. After a great breakfast at home and some quality family time on Mother’s Day we went out and bought out first batch of moving supplies. It feels like we are ahead of the game and much more organized (at this point) than last time, and that feels good. I am actually enjoying going through all of our things and purging and organizing.

Elise turned 10 months yesterday as well. She is doing great. Getting more teeth, mostly sleeping through the night, talking, attempting to walk and exploring so many new things everyday. She continues to be a very sweet and happy baby and loves to be held more than any other baby I have ever met.

Ava has been doing great as well. She loves the weather that we’ve been having and insists on being outside at all times. She seems to know that something is going on around the house and so far does not enjoy having her things boxed up but doesn’t mind helping with things like linens and household goods. Hopefully she is this helpful with unpacking.

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