Swimming with Bruno & Bella

Today Jessica and I took the dogs to Fiesta Island to go swimming. Bella loves getting in the water but Bruno stays away. Even though he has webbed feet and seems like he’d be a natural at it, he doesn’t like to get in. Surprisingly there aren’t that many places around here where dogs are allowed in the water. You can’t take them to the public beaches, so you have to settle for going to a dog park that has it’s own beach, which is exactly what Fiesta Island has. I took Bruno out twice and he did ok but it was obvious that he wanted out so I spent the rest of the time throwing the frisbee way out into the bay for Bella to fetch. Bruno, meanwhile, spent the day running full speed up and down the beach. We didn’t know he could even run that fast but it was pretty fun to watch. As always Bruno receives lots of attention from curious dog owners about what breed he is and why he walks so funny. Looks like the two of them will be asleep for the rest of the evening.

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