Sidecar Website Launched

Sidecar logo

Since Jessica is out of town and I have a three–day weekend, I’m getting tons of web design work done. Today I launched a site for a restaurant concept I’ve been working on for a while called ‘Sidecar.’ It’s basically a pizza, mixology place with live music and a vintage motorcycle feel. I designed the logo a while ago and recently decided to turn that into a full website, mostly so that I’ll have another nice portfolio piece to showcase when I’m looking for a job.

I also met with one of Jessica’s co–workers today who does professional photography and needs a website to showcase his work. I’m going to start designing his site tonight, as well as begin on a site for our karate school. To say that I’m keeping busy with design work would be a drastic understatement but hopefully it will all pay off in the near future! Time to take a break from the computer and take the dogs on a walk.

Check out the Sidecar site at:

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