Shawn & Kim’s Wedding

We spent this past weekend in Las Vegas so that we could attend our friends Shawn and Kim’s wedding. Shawn and I have been great friends for the last 10–12 years but we don’t get to see each other very often due to the fact that they live in Chicago and we’re out here on the west coast. Shawn and I worked together at El Gaucho in Seattle for years and were always really close so it was great to be there for him on their special day. This was the first time I’ve been asked to be a groomsman and it turned out to be a lot of fun.

As usual, we stayed at my Mom’s house and had a great time visiting with her. Since we were busy down on the strip with wedding related activities, Ava got to spend a lot of quality time with her Nana. My Mom was busy getting ready for a 17 day work trip to the Carribean but not too busy to enjoy the time with her grandbaby. My Aunt Lisa is going to be house sitting for my Mom while she’s gone so she arrived on Sunday with her two dogs. This means that for one day we had 8 dogs, 4 adults, and a baby in one house. Surprisingly enough the house wasn’t very chaotic, only because Lisa is so good at controlling all the dogs that none of them dare to disobey her.

We’ll be going back to visit my Mom at the end of October for Devin and Eve’s wedding, which as it turns out is my Mom’s birthday weekend, so that should be fun. Any excuse to get her and Ava together is good for both of us. Our visits to Las Vegas always go by so quickly but I wouldn’t have missed Shawn and Kim’s wedding for anything. We made record time driving home yesterday (4:45) and even got to see my Raiders get embarassed on Monday Night Football. All together it was a great weekend spent with family and friends, and that’s what it’s all about.

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