Seahawks going to Super Bowl XLVIII

Back at the beginning of this football season I picked Seattle to face Denver in the Super Bowl, and today that prediction came true. The Broncos destroyed the Patriots in the AFC Championship this afternoon; it wasn’t even fun to watch. The Seahawks, however, made it very interesting. They fumbled on the first play of the game and immediately I was concerned. The first half went very poorly but they came out a different team in the 3rd quarter and were able to beat the 49ers 23 – 17. As usual it was the defense that did it for us, and now we’re taking our number 1 defense to face Denver’s number 1 offense in the Super Bowl!

Last night Jessica and I attended the Amazon Holiday Party, which was held at the Century Link Stadium Events Center. This was our second Amazon party and it has become apparent that they do not disappoint. The entire building was decorated in a variety of different Winter themes. Roller skating ice queens, Jack Frost, marshmallow shooting, delivery drones, tons of food and drink, and a performance by Vampire Weekend were amongst the highlights of the evening. Amazon definitely knows how to treat their employees so these events will always be something to look forward to.

Things have been going well at work lately. I recently found out that one of the ideas I submitted to our Intellectual Property attorney team has been approved, meaning that Amazon is going to file a patent on it. Submitting IP ideas is a major focus of my team and last year we had the second most submissions of any design team in Amazon, including the highest per team member ratio. I’ve had several ideas turned down already so I was excited to find out that one of them has been approved. Eventually I’ll be getting a little puzzle piece trophy to signify that a patent has been applied for. Our room is soon going to be filled with these puzzle pieces due to all the ideas my team has been submitting, so it feels good to be contributing and thinking outside the box.

I haven’t had a chance to write a post in the past couple weeks because I’ve been so busy with school. I’m taking an advanced Java class and its turning out to be the toughest class I’ve taken yet. I’ve been putting in some serious hours on my course project lately and haven’t had much time for anything else. Luckily today I was able to finish everything right before the Seahawks game started and got to relax throughout the game. Jessica volunteered to work tonight because they knew they would be busy due to the football game, so I’m just hanging out with the girls. Probably going to start a movie soon and get ready for another week.

Not much else going on around here. The girls are doing great and growing fast. Elise is getting so big and Ava’s vocabulary continues to amaze me. She’s such a little comedian that it can be hard to scold her for doing the wrong thing. She’s definitely a piece of work; I’m sure Elise will be the same way in no time. Go Hawks!!!

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