Rick & Chris heading home tomorrow

Rick and Chris are flying home to Iowa tomorrow morning and we’re so glad we were able to spend New Year with them. Seeing Rick with his first grandchild was great; Ava has him wrapped wrapped around her little finger just like she has me. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re able to visit with them again. I think Ava might help with that.

One more week of "free time" before getting back to school. Very excited though. It won’t be long before we’re getting ready to move either. We’ve just about outgrown our little house in Pacific Beach and are looking forward to moving north. Ideally we’ll end up somewhere in the Encinitas area in the next few months.

All is quite well with Ava these days. She’s pushing 9 pounds now and is showing so many amazing new signs of growth and response. She’s beginning to form a personality and graces us with a smile from time to time. I have a feeling that between watching her grow, working, studying, and spending time with Jessica, these next few years are really going to fly by. I almost wish we could press pause to take it all in.

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