Party’s Over

Happy (early) Birthday, Baby Girl! We just said goodbye to the last of Elise’s party guests. It was a great 1st birthday party. We put together a little summer BBQ, complete with Hamburgers, brats, snacks, fresh summer fruit, cold drinks and of course birthday cake. We decorated the house with streamers and balloons and got 2 cakes, one for Elise and one for everyone else. Ava ended up diving right into Elise’s cake as well and even helped feed cake to her. It was a really cute moment.

It’s been hot all day so we stayed mostly inside to keep cool. Michael made lunch to order and we enjoyed cake immediately after. Elise was adorable while we sang Happy Birthday to her, she just sat quietly in her chair looking around at everyone with a half surprised look on her face. I know that we will have tons of pics to post later. It’s no surprise that she seemed to thoroughly enjoy the cake. She actually ate more than I would have expected. She went about it in a much more subdued way than Ava did. Elise chose to sit and eat her cake slowly, enjoying as much as she could. Much like the way her Dad eats. It still managed to get all over her face, arms, hair and torso but it was another memorable moment and totally worth it.

Both of the girls had a great time seeing all of our family. Elise was loving Uncle Jim and stayed right by his side most afternoon. Ava kept busy dragging various adults all around the house and yard. Playing with bubbles, eating cookies, and being a complete ham. She was in her element all day long. Thank you, Aunt Brenda for indulging her so much.

It was our first official party in the new house and I’m so glad that it was Elise’s 1st birthday party. It was a day that I won’t forget. What an awesome way to “break in” the house. We been keeping busy with various house projects and today it was nice to enjoy all of our work. I found myself getting chocked up a few times throughout the day, just thinking about her growing up so fast makes me sad. I want to keep her way forever. It’s true what you hear being said over and over again. They really do grow up fast. I have to constantly, stop, and remind myself to savor the moment because it won’t come again.

Elise is One. She is talking. Minor words like mama, dada, and bye bye. Waving. Signing. She is standing up without assistance, a lot. She seems to have mastered stairs. Both going up and down. When she wants something; she is faster and more determined than you can probably imagine. It takes 5 hands to change her diaper, and another hand to apply the continuous diaper cream. She refuses to keep anything on her feet. She thinks Bella is the funniest member of our family. She is finally sleeping through the night! She is tough as nails and is barely phased by falling down stairs or rolling off beds. She is bothered by almost nothing. She is a great baby. We are so very lucky she is ours. Happy Birthday Elise. We love you so much.

Thank you, also to everyone that came over to celebrate with us. We love having you all over and look forward to the next party.

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