Made it to Colorado

Today we flew from San Diego to Denver for our annual family get together at Tom and Amy’s house in the Rocky Mountains. It was hard to leave San Diego considering how beautiful the weather was, but we’re very happy to be here. I was expecting it to be freezing in Colorado but it’s actually not bad. Our precious Ava was so good during her first flight. We expected her to sleep the whole time but as it turned out she never closed her eyes, and never made a sound. Joel and Melanie have been here since Saturday, Tom got in right before us so we rode up the mountain with him, then we have Derrick, Emily and Cole coming on Saturday. Jessica’s grandparents and her Aunt Betsy are coming out on Wednesday but I’ll be gone by then. Not looking forward to going home without my girls but I’m happy that the rest of the family will finally get to meet Ava. Hoping to get out on the slopes tomorrow and do some snowboarding. This trip is something I look forward to every year so it should be a great weekend!

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