Jessica back at work

Jessica went back to work at Azul this week. She decided to save the final week of her paid family leave for our family trip to Colorado next month, so Wednesday was her first day back. She was sad to leave Ava but at least she’s with me and not a babysitter. Since we work so close to each other in La Jolla it’s pretty easy to exchange Ava and bring her back to my office at the end of the day when Jessica is going into work. Ava was with me at the office on Friday from 3:00 to 6:00 while I was finishing things off and she couldn’t have been better. Everyone there loves her!

In addition to going back to work, Jessica decided this week to start studying graphic design in order to eventually be able to switch careers and work from home. I had mentioned to her a while back that my company hires contract designers from all around the country that work from home, plus I hire designers to work on my freelance projects, and now that she’s a Mom the idea of working from home on a normal daytime schedule sounds quite appealing. I gave her some books to get started with and she’s been studying hard every day. Since she already has a bachelor’s degree in business marketing, she doesn’t need to go back to school to get into this field; she just needs a really good portfolio of work. I’ve been working on putting together a curriculum for her and it’s been a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the day that she and I can start working together! Jessica has always had a passion for interior design so this should be right up her alley. This new direction is very exciting for both of us and could lead to great things.

Ava is doing quite well these days. She is regularly sleeping for 6–7 consecutive hours each night and seems to have figured out her natural schedule. With Jessica working again, Ava and I are getting a lot more one on one time and I’m loving it. She smiles all the time and behaves better than I ever could have hoped for. We still have some outbursts, like last night when I gave her a bath, but in general she is a very happy baby. Enjoy the new pics below.

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