House "Hunting"

Last night provided us with an experience that we won’t soon forget. Our hound dog Bruno kept freaking out and trying to get at something underneath our bed. My first instinct was that there was some little animal under there, but when I got down to look, I couldn’t see anything. Bruno continued to freak out for the next couple hours and Jessica and I thought he must be going crazy! His attention soon shifted from under the bed to behind my guitar amplifier, which is just across from the bed. I wheeled the amp out to see what was there, and was quite startled to find a rat! I must admit that I kinda freaked out and screamed, then rushed Jessica and the dogs out of our room. Jessica HATES rats/mice so I knew I was going to have to deal with this one on my own. I decided to use my pellet gun to hunt the poor thing down because I couldn’t think of any other way to catch it. After suiting up with motorcycle boots, plastic shooting glasses, and an airgun, I went in for the kill. I shot it once and it scrambled away. Since I couldn’t find it I had to bring Bruno back in to locate it for me. Once located, I shot it several more times and it died. I didn’t feel good about it but had no choice. Cleaning it up wasn’t fun either. Afterwards I had to praise Bruno for alerting us that something was definitely in our house. What a memorable night!

House Hunting

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