House Hunting

Last time we had a post titled "House Hunting" it was because I had to hunt down a possum in our house and shoot it to death with my air pistol. This post will be slightly less dramatic. We put in notice at our home in Pacific Beach a couple weeks ago and have been searching for a house daily. We haven’t found anything so far but today was encouraging. I spoke with a landlord of a home today that sounds awesome. I won’t get into the details yet but we have an appointment to see the place tomorrow evening after work. I will say that it has everything we’re looking for on paper and it’s within our budget so we’ll see what happens.

The weather this weekend has been the best we’ve had in several months – mid 70’s and sunny. Yesterday I went for a walk with Ava strapped to my chest in the baby bjorn, and both dogs on leashes. Needless to say my hands were full, and I received more than my fair share of curious looks from strangers driving by, but it was fun. Today we enjoyed the beautiful weather by driving around in the morning looking for houses, then took Ava and the dogs for a walk in the afternoon.

Jessica is working tonight so Ava and I will be home watching basketball. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have some good news about our next home! Here’s a couple new pics of Ava.

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