Home from Vegas

Last night we returned home from Vegas after having a great weekend. We made a point to stop at the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign to take Ava’s picture on the way out of town. Sunday night turned out to be a bummer. I had purchased tickets on craigslist that day for Tiko and I to go to the Tool concert and the tickets turned out to be fake. We paid $70 a piece and didn’t even get to see the show. Fortunately we’ve both seen them before, but it was still really lame. Definitely won’t be buying tickets on craigslist anymore.

Other than that, the weekend was great. It was Ava’s first trip to Vegas, and to my mom’s house. Obviously grandma was thrilled to have her baby girl there, especially on Saturday night when Jessica and I went out to the Zappo’s Masquerade with our good friends Brian, Tiko and Tina. That was the first time that both of us have been away from Ava, so it was hard to leave her, but it was nice to get out and have fun with friends. None of us had ever been to a masquerade before and it was really fun.

Today Grandma Amy arrived in San Diego and will be staying with us for two weeks. Jessica is getting her wisdom teeth removed so it will be so helpful to have Amy here with Ava while I’m at work and Jessica is recovering. Ava is lucky enough to get to spend time with both of our mom’s back to back. Should be a fun couple of weeks.

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