Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven’t had any spare time lately to post updates on our site but all is going well. Today is my first day off in over a month and I’m excited to be spending it at home with Jessica and the dogs, watching football and eating lots of food! The new job is going great, just keeping me extremely busy. I finished my first iPad app for G.E. in only two weeks, which brought positive attention from several executives at the company, and got me the position as lead developer on the Fall 2012 Nike Running App, which is the biggest project we have going on in our office. This means I’ve been working 7 days / 70 hours a week. No complaints though; I really like the company and the people I work with, and I’m learning a ton.

Now onto more important stuff… Jessica is now full–term in her pregnancy and could go into labor at any time. We actually thought she was going into labor on Monday night. She was having contractions about 8 minutes apart so we decided to go to bed and see how she was doing in the morning. Unfortunately the contractions were gone when we woke up. The funny thing was that, had she actually gone into labor that night, the prediction made by one of her customers several weeks ago would have come true. She ended up going to her doctor appointment that day and the doc said that she would be very surprised if Jessica made it to her appointment next week without having this baby. At this point we’re on high alert and ready to go at any time.

Recently some of Jessica’s girl friends from work threw her a baby shower and luckily my Mom was able to go with her because she was in town for work. Below are a few pics from that day, or you can click here to see the whole album. Guess that’s all for now but I’ll be sure to post updates once our baby Ava has arrived. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Jessica and my Mom
Jessica and Shawn

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