Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday wasn’t exactly what I would call a good Father’s Day for Michael but I think that he would spin it more positively. He did not get to sleep in, or get breakfast in bed. He was not taken out to a nice brunch or even given a card. Instead he got up with the girls and I, too early for a Sunday, got dressed and headed to Costco. We bought steaks for dinner and ate hotdogs for lunch. He came home and spent the next 4 hours (maybe more) doing yard work in drizzly weather.

The night picked up a bit for us all and we had a great dinner and watched the Spurs crush the Heat in the Final basketball game of the season. The game was a great way to end the day but even that was a little bitter sweet for Michael because he hates this time of year when sports are in a lull until the end of the baseball season.

I felt bad all day that he wasn’t celebrated properly on this one day. He is always doing so much for our family and rarely takes time out to do something just for himself.

When I met Michael almost 7 years ago, I could never have imagined the man and the father that he would become. He has surpassed all of my expectations and has been the most patient and selfless partner. He works hard for all of our futures and is always there to offer love and support. I am incredibly blessed to have him by my side, and the girls and I, are so lucky and proud that he is “ours.” Happy father’s Day Michael. We love you so much.

To all of the Dads in my life (especially my own) thank you for your love and support. I am thankful for you today and every day.

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