Happy Birthday, Daddy!

What a great day for us all. Michael went back to work after a 3 day weekend with his Mom. We had a great time hanging out at home all weekend. The girls and I are off to a good start being solo. Ava woke up a little later than normal in a great mood. We all ate breakfast together then played in our playroom till nap time. Both girls took 2 hour naps which allowed me to get some much needed house work done and still get a little time to relax.

After naps, Ava and I did a little chalk shout out to Daddy. She helped me write “Happy B-day Daddy. We “heart” you” on our front steps.  We both got pretty messy but had a great time. Then the 3 of us, Ava, Elise and I sat outside together and enjoyed the next hour or so and waited for Michael to join us. Ava is starting to pay more attention to Elise now that its just us in the house. It won’t be long before they are actually playing together.

Michael came home and hung out and played with Ava for a bit while we chatted about the day. He made sure to have a clear schedule for the night, no work or school. Its always nice to have a night with no agenda.  After being fully caught up on each others day, Michael headed out to run and get groceries for dinner. After stops to both the meat market (we are quickly becoming regulars here) and the grocery store we went on a nice family walk. We packed in a little art time with Ava on her letter project after the walk. She is almost done with her letter V. I am hoping to finish the entire alphabet project and get pics up this month. It’s turned into a much bigger project than I expected it to be but I know it will all be worth it in the end.

After a little art time we started dinner for Ava while Michael cooked all of his new goods.  We put Ava to bed and enjoyed a feast of Veal Piccata with mushrooms and artichokes finished with a side of sautéed broccoli and roasted potatoes. It was delicious. I do love how he cooks, the best part is we have left overs so I get a nice lunch tomorrow with no effort.

I know we will always remember this birthday fondly. Although it was very simple in celebration, it was our first as a “4” and I can say that for everyone it was a good day. We are very lucky, and are doing our best to enjoy each moment. Happy Birthday, Honey. We all love you so much.

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