Happy Birthday Ava!

Today our beautiful baby girl turns one year old! It’s so hard to believe that she’s already been with us a year, especially since it seems like just yesterday that I was holding her in the hospital. This has easily been the best year of my life and it looks like things are only getting better. We are hard at work this week preparing to move back to Seattle but will be taking time out to do a photo shoot with Ava. My friend Lisa from work is coming over this afternoon to take pictures of her and she’s going to get another chance to dive into a cake and get messy. We’re also thinking about doing something with balloons, maybe even pink and blue balloons since we don’t know if Ava is going to have a little brother or little sister.

Tomorrow our moving Pod will arrive and we will spend the day filling it with all our stuff. Hopefully everything will fit… I’m working my final two days at ScrollMotion on Tuesday and Wednesday, then we hit the road on Thursday morning. The goal is to make it to Redding, CA on Thursday, which is the half–way point, then drive from Redding to Seattle on Friday. We’re staying Friday night with Dana and her family, then taking Amy to the airport early Saturday morning. We get the keys to our new house on Saturday but our Pod doesn’t arrive until the following Friday, which means we will be living with practically nothing for a week. It’s going to be tough but there is no question that it’s all worth it.

My mom flew back to Vegas yesterday and it was tough for her to leave. She is sad because we won’t be able to hop in the car and drive over for a visit anymore but we’re committed to flying her out to visit us more often, plus we’ll still be going to Vegas a couple times a year. Being further from her is the toughest part of this move but she agrees that we’re doing the right thing. I still can’t believe I’m starting at Amazon.com a week from tomorrow. I have been studying constantly to make sure my skills are sharp when I get there. Next time I write we’ll be in the Northwest!

Happy first birthday baby girl. We love you so very much!!!

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