Happy 12th birthday Anna!

Today our beloved niece Anna turns 12. We spent the evening with her, Kallan, Dana and Brad yesterday having dinner, eating cake, and watching her open presents. She’s such a good kid and seemed to have a great time. Before we got to their house the three of us decided to brave the crowds at Bellevue Square mall so Ava could get her first picture with Santa Clause. Obviously the mall was a madhouse but we had a good time and were luckily able to get one picture of Ava before she started crying. I didn’t blame her one bit for crying in the arms of a strange bearded man in a red suit, but we’re glad we did it.

We finally made time to look through the photos Lisa took on Ava’s first birthday and wanted to post them just in time for the holidays. All else is going well now that we’ve gotten settled in at our new home. I’m learning new things everyday at Amazon and Jessica is getting up to speed at El Gaucho. We’re looking forward to catching up with family as soon as possible for the holidays. Enjoy the new pics.

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