Good-bye Eastside Birthcenter

Elise and I had our final, 6 week, appointment with our midwives (we have 3) yesterday. They have been an amazing group of women to work with. I truly can not say enough good things about our experience there. I am elated to be done with all of the doctor’s appointments but I will miss them. Should we decide to have any more children, I would want them to take care of us again.

As far as my appointment goes, I am still waiting to get back some test results about my blood work (they are checking iron, vitamin D and other such levels) but pending any bad news we are doing great. I am feeling really good and have started exercising. I feel like my entire torso is made of jello so it’s a slow start but I’m putting in a little time everyday. It was much easier to get “back on my feet” so to speak last time which is completely discouraging and frustrating but I know that if I put the time in I will see results.

Elise is doing really well. She is gaining weight at a steady pace, she’s more active and slowly she is spending more time awake and interacting with me during the day.

It’s been a fun week so far. Monday we spent a couple of hours at the neighborhood park and had it all to ourselves for the majority of the time. Ava loves the slide these days. Tuesday we headed to the beach in Kirkland for a kids concert. Ava wasn’t all that interested in the band after she discovered the water. We had a fun time splashing around in the shallow area and listening to live music. Wednesday we had a good friend, Penny, over in the morning for a visit. We have barely seen each other since the move back so there was a lot to catch up on. Michael worked from home most of the day so he got to see Penny as well. The 5 of us took a nice little walk around the neighborhood before naptime. It was great to get some quality time in with an old friend and fun to introduce her to the girls. Today we are justing hanging out at home. It was a little bit of a rough night with Elise last night so I am happy that we don’t have anything scheduled, just some nice quiet time with my girls.

It’s a busy weekend for all of us filled with soccer matches, picnics in the park, Seattle outing, the shooting range and more.

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