Girls, girls, girls!

It’s been a great week with my mom here visiting, we have been busy as we always are on her trips with a mixture of all sorts of shopping and errands.  Today we took a break from the mall and did something even more special.

I had two doctors appointments this afternoon specifically scheduled so that mom could be there with me for both. The first was a standard checkup with my midwife to see how I’m progressing and things looked great. The second appointment was much more fun; it was an ultrasound appointment to see how the baby is progressing. I am happy to report that the baby is doing really well and in the doctor’s own words “that’s an adorable and perfect baby”. We were also able to find out the sex of the baby today if we wanted. I had originally said that I thought it would be cool to wait and find out in the moment but after putting probably way too much thought into it I changed my mind. I really couldn’t wait to find out and wanted to start being able to talk more specifically to Ava about her new sibling. I know that she is too young to understand most of it but I think it’s important to try and involve her as much as I can.

Michael wasn’t able to come with me to the ultrasound because of work so I asked the doctor to write down the sex of our new little bundle and seal it in an envelope for us to open later. We waited until just before dinner to open it up and see whats been cooking in my oven :).  I am happy to report that it is another beautiful baby girl! Ava has a little sister on the way. The images from the ultrasound were pretty amazing definitely much better than our ultrasound with Ava. You can see for yourself below what our little 1.5 lbs cutie looks like.

Baby E Ultrasound

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