Fun in Las Vegas!

Today we’re heading home to San Diego after a great weekend visiting family and friends in Vegas. We left San Diego on Thursday evening after I got home from work and made great time on the drive over. Ava never made a fuss the whole way and the dogs were good too. Friday I had some homework to do, then Jess and I went out to look at Harley’s and then ended up down on the strip walking around and sharing a half–yard frozen strawberry margarita with a blinking "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. Needless to say we got a lot of funny looks from people but it was fun. That night we met up with our friends Devin, Eve, Brian, Suzan, Tiko and Tina downtown for some beers. At the end of the night we found ourselves at a Japanese steakhouse called Musashi and were entertained by the chef as he juggled utensils and flamboyantly prepared our meals.

Yesterday I started off with more homework, then we had a BBQ at Mom’s house. Denny made it over and so did Bob and Mandi. Denny is recovering nicely from his neck surgery and seemed to be doing really well. My Mom had a ton of food prepared but that didn’t stop Uncle Bob from bringing over a bunch more food. It was quite the spread. After lunch we took Ava to the swimming pool and let her float in the water for the first time. She seemed to really like it and never made a fuss. Of course grandma took lots of pictures. Last night we went out with friends again, except this time Bob came along with us. We started out at a dive bar and watched a rockabilly band for a bit, then went to our favorite hookah bar called Paymons. It’s always a tradition for us to go there when we’re in Vegas. We finished the night off at Big Dogs, which is where I first met Denny and Linda about nine years ago.

This morning we are packing up and getting ready to head home, but first we’ve got Bob and Mandi coming over to make breakfast. As always, we’ve had so much fun visiting everyone and look forward to coming back. We’ve got Shawn and Kim’s wedding here in early September, then Devin and Eve’s wedding in late October, so we’ve got two visits to look forward to. Hopefully our Vegas friends can make it out to SD this summer for a visit as well! This was a great weekend.

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