Finished my 1st year of school

Although I finished up with my latest classes last weekend, I received my final grades today. I was happy to find out that I got an A in each class, which means I received a B+ or better in every class of the year. It hasn’t been easy balancing school with family and work, and it’s only going to get tougher as I move on, but I’m very happy I made the decision to go back and finish my degree. I’m especially excited about moving into 2013 simply because I’ll be able to tell myself that I’ll be done with school ‘next year’. I’m a year and a half from graduation, which still feels like a ways away, but we’ve got so much to look forward to in the meantime that I’m sure it will go by quickly.

Jessica is doing much better now in her second pregnancy than she was a few weeks ago. I’m sure the move and job change made it especially tough on her but we’re getting more and more settled in everyday and she’s doing well. She is almost done training at El Gaucho so that will be nice to have completed. I finally received the assets I needed to get started on my project at Amazon and have been working on it a ton, including weekends, in order to make a good impression on my manager and co–workers.

I’m going to be guest bartending at El Gaucho on New Years Eve, meaning Ava will be staying the night at Dana and Brad’s place, and Jessica and I will be able to spend New Years together, which will be fun even though we’ll be working. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of old friends, even though it’s going to be an incredibly long day for me. I’m basically going to work from 7:00am until 3:30pm at Amazon, then 4:00pm until 2:00am at Gaucho, but luckily I have the next day to do nothing but chill out at home. All else is going well and we’re happy to be back home in Seattle.

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