Elise is 6 months

Today is Elise’s half birthday. We took our standard, numbered, monthly photo to mark the occasion. She is changing everyday. She is an extremely happy, healthy and big baby girl (she has almost outgrown 9 month clothes already). She’s sitting up and rolling around, eating lots of new foods, working on her first tooth, and in a new state of awe with her hands, feet and voice. She loves to jump in her doorway bouncer, and hiding under soft blankets more than anything these days(this can be both cute and scary). She is more and more interested in her big sister, with each new activity. The two of them are finally starting to do little activities together and both are showing more interest in each other every day. Ava is quick to sooth Elise with kind words when she cries and runs to her side to make sure everything is ok.

The two of them are keeping Michael and I on our toes, but like I always say, we are doing our best to enjoy every moment. The late night tantrums and bedtime showdowns are probably the worst but that’s mostly because no one in the house has had a nice, uninterrupted sleep in a long time.

I have been recovering the last two days from having a wisdom tooth pulled (just one). I had my first, and only other, tooth pulled a few moths after Ava was born. I don’t know if it’s coincidence that now a few months after Elise arrives, I have another tooth pulled. It has not been fun, and hurts more than I remember the last time. Thankfully, Laurel has been here the last two days while Michael is at work not only taking care of me but more importantly taking over with the girls. Between her and Michael, I have been well taken care of. As I sit here writing this, Michael is tending to a tired, fussy Elise and folding laundry. He never folds laundry (it’s funny to watch) and its sweet that he is always trying to help me out.

This Saturday night, Michael and I are going to the Amazon Holiday Party. They are bringing in a popular pop group, Vampire Weekend, for the event. Neither of us are actually fans of the group but I do not doubt that it will be a fun night. I don’t even know what to expect with the rest of the event but based on the summer picnic, I’m sure that it will be full of fun surprises.

On, Sunday the Seahawks host the 49ers here in Seattle. The whole city has had a cool, spirited vibe about it the past few weeks. I am not a huge football fan by any means but I am really enjoying this. That may actually make me a bandwagon fan. Either way, I will be watching as much of the game as I can before I have to go into to work that night. I volunteered to pick up a shift that night since we are expecting to be busy with all of the fans after the game. I’m lucky enough to get most Sundays off but I’m looking forward to this.

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