Band of Skulls Concert

The night before last, Jessica and I went to see a show by a fairly new English band called Band of Skulls. We’ve been listening to their first album in the car for several months now and were excited to see that they were coming to San Diego on their tour. They played at a place called The Griffin, which turned out to be a cool small venue that we hope to go back to. This was our first concert since seeing Eric Clapton last February, so we were overdue. Going out these days requires a little more planning than it used to, but luckily we were able to get our friends Evan and Natasha to babysit. This was our first time leaving Ava with someone not named Grandma, but it went really well and they said they would be happy to do it again. It looks like they will be sitting for us on May 5th when we go see Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager downtown at Spreckles theater.

Tomorrow my mom will be making her second visit in the last two weeks. She and Denny are driving out here in the company truck with a king sized bed, jogging stroller, book case, rocking chair, and various other things that wouldn’t fit in the car. They will be bringing our queen sized bed back with them the following day. It’s a good swap because it gives her more room in the guest bedroom and we get a huge comfy bed. Very excited about this. Unfortunately they’re only staying one night but it’s always good to see each other. Then next Saturday we’ve got Jessica’s birthday to celebrate. Unfortunately she has to work that day but we’ll still make it fun. If only we didn’t have all this work in between!

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