Back to sea level – 12/30/2013

The site has been down so this was not posted on the date written:

We got back from Colorado this afternoon and are now happily resting at home. It was an awesome mountain Christmas and everyone is thoroughly exhausted. We all had a lot of fun in the snow and Michael and I were able to get a bit of time alone while Grandma and Grandpa took care of the girls. Ava had tons of fun playing with Cole, and has a new love for cars and trains. The two of them did really well together in a small play space shared with 9 other adults. It was a packed house for the week but it was great to get the chance to see everyone together.

My brother and his wife, Melanie, got to meet Elise for the first time which was a really sweet moment. She allowed anyone to hold her all week and was loving all of the attention. They also hadn’t seen Ava since just before her first birthday so it was a totally different experience than their last visit. The week went by entirely too fast and before we knew it we were packing up our stuff to go. It was a memorable christmas and I thank my Mom and Tom for all of the hard work that went into making everyone’s trip special.

We had to get up with the sun this morning at 4:45am, it’s not easy to get everyone up and going at that hour. It was a pretty quiet drive from Grandma’s house to the airport but both girls stayed awake for most of the trip. Thankfully it was a relatively easy flight home, that is until landing and then Ava insisted that she wanted “more” and kept yelling and signing for “more plane” and “more fly”. It was cute and funny for about a minute and a half and everyone around us was laughing. It quickly turned into embarrassing and uncomfortable when she began kicking her feet and screaming. Elise was thankfully clam and happy for the whole ordeal. All was good again as soon as we started walking through the airport and by the time we were pulling out of the arrival area with Uncle Brad both girls were sound asleep.

Our plan for today is to do as little unpacking as possible and spend as much time as we can relaxing on the couch and then off to bed as early as the girls allow. Tomorrow is going to be a full day. We are both working in the Pampas Room at El Gaucho for NYE and our amazingly wonderful friend, Laurel, will be ringing in the new year with our two lovelies. I hope that they will all be asleep by the new year because Laurel is just arriving home from her own Christmas vacation and is literally coming straight to the house for a sleepover.

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