Baby E’s First Kicks

Tonight, while relaxing at home after working our Valentines shift at El Gaucho, Jessica felt our new little one’s first kicks! I remember this happening the first time around with Ava and being so excited, and I can easily say that it’s just as exciting the second time. We’ve already heard Baby E’s heartbeat but it’s nice to know that he/she is getting active in there. I remember when Jessica was pregnant with Ava, she would be calm all day but then would start kicking and doing somersaults when Jessica was getting ready for bed. Looks like we may have the same type of thing going on here. We’re still holding strong with not finding out the sex of our growing baby, although Jessica has mentioned a few times that she’s reserving the right to change her mind. I’m fine with it either way. Can’t wait for you to be here little one!

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