Ava officially walking!

Ava has been wall–walking and walking while holding someone’s hand for a while now, but last night she broke through and started walking on her own! Obviously this was very exciting. We’ve known she could do it for some time but she didn’t realize it. All she needed was a little confidence in herself. Everyone keeps telling us that once they get started there is no stopping them so I’m assuming she’ll be walking everyday from here on out. Unfortunately Jessica was at work last night when Ava got on a roll but she has the next four days off, which is convenient considering tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so I’m sure she’ll get more than a fair dose of seeing Ava walk around. I’m usually the one that’s gone when Ava does something for the first time so I was really proud and excited to be there for this. Luckily I had my phone handy and was able to take a couple short videos of her as she got started. It’s stuff like this that makes me so happy to have this website. I love the fact that Ava will be able to look back at any time in her life and be able to see her first steps. Enjoy!

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