Ava 4 months old today!

We get to celebrate Ava’s fourth month of life today by spending our first full day in our new home. Most of the day was spent unpacking boxes and getting things organized. Costco is dangerously close and I found myself there for the third day in a row. Jessica is working tonight and it’s raining outside so I’m relaxing at home with Ava and the dogs. I’ll be completing my final assignment for my web development class tonight, then I get almost two weeks off school. I start my first programming course next quarter so I’m excited for that. It’s going to be easy but it’s the kind of stuff that I enjoy studying these days so it should be fun. We’ve got the keys at the Pacific Beach house until the end of March so we’ve got all week to clean and paint. The place was awfully dirty when we moved in two years ago so there’s no question we’ll be returning it in better condition than we received it in. This has been a really long week so it feels great to be relaxing at home watching hoops with my baby.

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