Ava 3 months old today

Today we celebrated Ava’s three month mark with Dana, Brad, Kallan and Anna, who are down here on vacation for the week. We started off with a beautiful hike at Torrey Pines State Park, then headed down to the beach so Ava could dip her feet in the ocean for the first time. The water was pretty cold so I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as we did, but she didn’t fuss much so that was nice. After a walk on the beach we had lunch at the Brigantine in Del Mar. Since it’s part of the company Jessica works for we always get well taken care of and the view is great.

Kallan had a tax return burning a hole in his pocket so after lunch we went up the coast to Hansen’s Surf Shop in Encinitas and did some shopping. He got a ton of stuff: hoodie, pair of vans, belt, shorts, and a t-shirt so he was super stoked. I got a hat, a pair of socks, and a long sleeve t–shirt, Brad got a new hoodie and Anna got a really cool snowboarding jacket. We took our time heading home and stopped to let the kids get frozen yogurt. Once we got home Jessica did Ava’s monthly photo shoot and she got a great shot. Ava is exhausted after all this activity so the three of us are in for the night. Enjoy the pics from today!

Ava 3 months old

Walking up the hill to the trailhead

My sweethearts

Ava dipping her feet in the ocean for the first time

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