Another good weekend

We’re relaxing at home on the couch tonight wrapping up another very good weekend. I worked an event at The University of Washington most of the day on Friday. It was their 12th annual Recognition Gala. It was a grand event for 530 of the University’s most generous donors. It took place in both the Odegarrd and Suzzallo Libraries. Me and 29 co-workers set up make shift kitchens, bars, dish rooms, drink stations, etc within the stacks of the library. Dinner was held in a large ballroom. The special guests of the evening were Costco co-founder Jeff Brotman and his wife Sandy. The night was filled with several prestigious guests, it was the largest and most magnificent event I have ever worked. I had a lot of fun. It was not only nice to get out and reconnect with some of my co-workers but I also met employees from both our Bellevue and Tacoma locations. It was a long, almost 12 hour shift but I’m glad that I was able to work it. I will definitely enjoy this last month off but I look forward to going back to work in October.

Saturday we slept in a bit and spent a relaxing day at home watching college football and playing outside. Michael started a meat lovers chili in the crock pot for Sunday and we watched a great baseball documentary that evening. It wasn’t an exciting day but it was great all the same.

Today was a lot like Saturday. We had family breakfast around 9:30 followed by the Seahawks season opener against the Carolina Panthers. My friend, Laurel, is a big Seahawks fan and came over to join us for the game. The Seahawks pulled off the win to start the season off with a bang. Great morning. The weather did a 180 by 2:00 and was nice and sunny out so we all went out for an afternoon walk. After letting the chili simmer for 24 hours we tried out our first slow cooked meal of the season. Another winner. It was awesome! Michael added 5 different meats, 2 different beans, mushrooms and bell peppers with lots of seasoning and a touch of fresh rosemary. After dinner we continued to finish watching the rest of the football game. Now it’s just a little more relaxation time before bed. What a great Sunday, I know that it’s about as close to perfect for Michael as it gets and I totally agree. Another good weekend in the books.
This week brings us more visitors, doctors appointments, 2 month milestones and so much more.

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