All checked out

Last night was a fun night out for us all! Ava got to hang out at Auntie Dana and Uncle Brad’s house. They went to the park and walk around the neighborhood and played all night. Michael, Elise and I went to a reggae concert in Marymoor park. We took a picnic dinner with a beach chair and blankets and Elise was bundled up in her car seat. It was of course a rainy, grey evening. We all toughed it out and enjoyed Matisyahu and Rebelution with another few openers. It was fun to get out and take advantage of the summer and mix up our week nights a bit.

Today Elise had her first pediatrician appointment with our new Doctor, Dr. Davis. She was given a full physical, with pokes and prods all over her tiny body. She took it like a champ and did not fuss one bit. She looked around the bright room and stared at the table side mirror while the doctor jostled her around. She weighed in at 9lbs 13oz and 21.5 inches; thats more than a 2lbs increase!

She received one shot for Hepatitis B, and took that with just a bit of a whimper and then snuggled in my arms as we checked out with the everyone. She is doing great now while we lay low at home.

Here are a few pictures that I took at home to start our monthly photo project.

Elise at 1 month old

Family photo from the summer picnic

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