Adam Carolla show last night

Last night Jessica and I, along with my friend Jaime from work, went to see Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager at Spreckles Theater in downtown San Diego. I’ve been a big fan of Adam for a long time and listen to his podcast everyday at my desk. It was a really interesting show that was equal parts family, religion, politics and comedy. Each one of us enjoyed it very much. Our friends Evan and Natasha babysat Ava again and had a good night with her. Before we went out I made gnochhi with salmon, asparagus and broccoli for everyone. We lucked out and found free street parking downtown, even though it was Cinco de Mayo. We stopped by a cool little restaurant/bar and had a drink before the show. The show itself was really interesting and entertaining and we all walked away somewhat enlightened and laughing. Afterwards we went up to Hillcrest for drinks and appetizers at my old bar, The Tractor Room. I hadn’t seen my old co–workers in several months so it was great to get caught up with everyone.

Unfortunately Jessica threw out her back yesterday morning while trying to spit out a piece of breakfast that she was choking on. At first it was kinda funny but once I realized that she was really choking I got pretty worried. We had plans to work out and take the dogs for a walk yesterday afternoon but that all went out the window once she hurt her back. Regardless we had a really fun night and spent the whole day today relaxing around the house.

Our beautiful baby girl is all smiles these days and is growing so fast. She’s sleeping more than normal, probably because of all this rapid growth. When she’s awake she is as happy as can be. She’s also getting really good at entertaining herself. Today she laid on her activity mat for a couple hours, wide awake, and never made a peep. She was happy playing with her toys and staring at her bib. Jessica continues to take daily photos of her. Here are some recent good ones.

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