A visit from Grandma

Today Grandma Amy flew in to spend the week with us. This is her first time seeing our new house and her first visit with Ava since Colorado, so it should be a good week. It’s hard to believe that Ava will be six months old this Friday! It seems like just yesterday that she was born. Amy will be with us until Saturday, when she and Tom do their annual trip to the Indy 500. I’m hoping we’ll get the chance to go with them sometime in the next few years. Now that I have a normal work schedule I can do normal things like celebrate Memorial Day, although not this year since Jessica will be working and I’ll be buried in homework. We don’t have any plans for the holiday weekend but we will be in Vegas the following weekend so that should be fun. Back–to–back 3 day weekends sounds especially amazing right now, mostly due to the wrapping up of a project for Mattel that has been an absolute nightmare. I’ve been on it for nearly 3 months and can’t wait to get started on something new. I may never buy Ava a Barbie doll because of this project 😉 I found out today that my next project will be just about as difficult as Mattel, only with about half the time to complete it. I’m sure we’ll make it through somehow. Here’s some new pictures of our beautiful baby girl.

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