A great first week

Yesterday was the end of my first week working at ScrollMotion and it went extremely well. On Monday, my first day, I was assigned as the lead developer on an iPad application for G.E. and I was able to jump right into it with only a few hours of training. I’ve never done this type of work before but it’s very similar to web development and came naturally. The project is almost complete which means I’ll be starting something new next week. I heard from one of the project managers that I will likely be working on a project for Nike next, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Since I really like my new job and can definitely see myself there for the long term, I decided to put in my notice at the Tractor Room on Thursday night. This wasn’t easy to do, mostly because I have a lot of respect for Johnny (the owner) and hated to let him down. He’s not only been good to me as an employee, he’s been extremely generous whenever my family has been into the restaurant. We had a really nice talk on Thursday that left me feeling much better than I was going into it. He was also nice enough to tell me that if things didn’t work out I would always have a job working for him.

My last night at the Tractor Room will be Thursday Nov 10th, meaning that my first day out of the restaurant industry is 11/11/11. Kinda symbolic. Today will be my 11th day in a row at work, and I don’t have a day off until Saturday Nov 12th, so it’s tough right now but at least I’ll be through with all this before Ava is born. Only one more month to go…

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